Club 19 at Petco Park for 2016

05/07/16 / / @Padres360
by Rebecca Herman & Wayne McBrayer at Petco Park

When you first walk into Club 19, you immediately know why that’s its name because you are greeted with the amazing collection of Tony Gwynn’s NL Batting Champion bats!


Tony Gwynn’s National League Batting Champion Silver Bats on display at Club 19 in Petco Park

We made our first visit of the 2016 season to Club 19 on May 6.  It was a chilly Friday evening and the idea of sitting down and having great service while surrounded by Mr. Padre memorabilia sounded great!

The 2016 menu changed a bit … here are the current food offerings:

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Menu

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Menu

We decided that we would select three items for sharing.

First on our list was an old favorite – Tony’s Tenders! These are hand-breaded chicken tenders with buttermilk ranch dressing. They also come with house-made potato chips. The price increased a bit from 2015 (was $6.50 and now $10.00) but in comparing pictures, it does seem that the chicken portion is larger now (6 pcs now vs 4 pcs previously). The chicken was tasty and did not disappoint – we will definitely continue to order this item.

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Tony's Tenders

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Tony’s Tenders

Next, we decided to try the new version of the Sirloin and Corned Beef Sliders. While they had sliders on the menu in 2015, they did not include the corned beef. The other change from 2015 is that there are now THREE so the price increase (from $14.75 to $16.00) is reasonable. The sirloin continues to be cooked just right and quite tender. The addition of the corned beef really gave them a great taste – especially with the horseradish spread. Like the tenders, they are also served with the house-made potato chips.

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Sliders

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Sliders

Finally, the Roasted Garlic and Feta Chicken Wings sounded like a winner. We sort of “dug in” but believe there were 8 wings on the plate. They were crisp yet juicy and very flavorful. Can’t say they were spicy so if you prefer wings on the milder side, these are definitely a great option. The wings are a bit more on the “naked” wing side (versus saucy) so it may also save you from having a mess on your favorite Padres jersey! The feta cheese was abundant. In fact, if you save a bit of dressing and cheese, you could have a nice little side salad once you finish the wings. Our dressing was Ranch (not BBQ Ranch as noted on the menu) but we happen to LOVE their dressing so no complaints here.

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Wings

Petco Park 2016 Club 19 Wings

The items we tried were terrific and suitable as an entree or to share as an appetizer. The two of us were a bit over-full after sharing 3 items … 2 would likely have been optimal. We noted several things on the new menu that we plan to try on future visits — especially the salad!

We did hear many people have been disappointed that the flatbread pizzas are no longer on the menu — our sons were particularly fond of the BBQ Chicken one. We were bummed that the Pretzel Pastrami was not continued for 2016 as it was totally amazing! The only other favorites that seem to be missing are the Mac & Cheese and a high-end burger. But all-in-all, the menu has a wide variety and surely something to fit your taste buds.

Paul took great care of us, as usual! There is a full bar in Club 19 but we had picked up a bottle of wine from the Seaside Market – another great option to consider!

So head on up to the Toyota Terrace on the First Base side of the ballpark. Enjoy great food, terrific service, and being surrounded by memories of Tony Gwynn.  Can’t beat that!

Tony Gwynn's Gold Glove Display at Club 19 in Petco Park

Tony Gwynn’s Gold Glove Awards on display at Club 19 in Petco Park


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