#PadresST 2016 – Game 4 for Padres360

03/11/16 / Padres360.com / @Padres360

By Rebecca Herman in Arizona

Padres Practice Fields in Peoria

I got to the Peoria Sports Complex a bit later than planned but saw on Periscope that the Padres were still taking BP so I headed over to the Practice Fields.

Padres BP 3/11


Padres BP 3/11


Coach Welke with Coach Zinter

Coach Welke with Coach Zinter

It’s always fun watching Coach Welke in action. We had a great chat before I left the practice fields. He was very proud of our young guys and how they played in Surprise/Texas the previous day. Lots of good things on the horizon if they keep playing like that!

Peoria Sports Complex

It was about 12:15 with a first pitch scheduled for 1:05, so it was time to head in.


I headed straight into the team store to get another one of these balls ($10) … this one for a Padres fan who will be here Saturday morning and wants to use it for autographs at the Practice Fields … see you there @crazycharisma!!

Next, I had to stop at the Noodle place because I really enjoyed what I had earlier in the week: Spicy chicken over noodles > Very Yummy and filling! ($9)

Japanese Spicy Chicken and Noodles

I headed upstairs, where there is a very full service bar. I opted for the Guinness Blonde (large, $8.50).

Guinness Blonde at Peoria

Ticket Peoria 308, 1, 20

I definitely like the view from the Padres side better!  Seek the EVEN sections. This seat is 308, Row 1, Seat 20 … truly an “aisle” seat – unlike the one the other day where I was trapped in 305, Row 1, Seat 1. Also, Valerie provided excellent in-seat service … important if you need another beer!

Peoria Box Seat Menu

Another great insider scoop on this seat, all the media seems to head to the Press Box right up these stairs. I got to say hi to Don Orsillo and welcome him to the Padres.  It was fun to chat with Mark Sweeny as well. I also visited with Wayne Partello and was greeted by Mike Dee.

White Sox at Padres

It was a cloudy 82 degrees – very pleasant – and time for #33 – Shields to take the mound.

Shields Pitching for Padres 3/11

James Shields – SP for Padres v White Sox

The White Sox were having their way with our Padres … scoring 4 in the 3rd … including THREE home runs off of Shields. It was a bit painful to watch.  The White Sox continued their hit parade in the 4th and 5th, including a home run off of Luis Perdomo … it was then 8-0 (sigh).

Padres bats came alive in the 6th! Spangenberg doubled, Myers doubled, and Solarte singled … we now had 3 on the board and fans were hopeful!

Wil Myers Double in the 6th

Wil Myers Double in the 6th

But there was no more scoring and the final was White Sox 8, Padres 3.

White Sox at Padres Mar 11 Game Recap

What’s Next?

I will be back in Peoria on Saturday … Practice Fields at 10:30, Member Event at 12:30, and Padres host the Indians at 2:30.

Go Padres!

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