Talking to Former Padres Pitcher, Rich Troedson


My love for baseball started in 1974 when I started collecting baseball cards.  I would buy cards at our local 7/11 and at Longs Drugs and spend time looking at them and reading players stats on the back of the cards.  One Padres player that always intrigued me was Padres pitcher, Rich Troedson.  Over the years, I wondered about him when I would see his Topps card so I decided to look up his career stats and then try to find him.

He was a #1 draft pick in 1972 out of Santa Clara University and the San Diego Padres assigned him to A- Tri-Cities where he went 8-5 with a 3.19 ERA while striking out 127 in 124 innings.  In 1973, he made the team out of Spring Training and pitched with the Padres for all of 1973.  He pitched in 50 games and started 18 of them.  In 152 1/3 innings, Troedson had a 7-9 record and a 4.25ERA, with 2 complete games and one save.

Troedson continued to pitch out of the bullpen in 1974 until his last Major League appearance on May 16th, 1974 against the Atlanta Braves.  He couldn’t get out of the 2nd inning and gave up 6 runs before John McNamara pulled him from the game.  He was sent to AAA Hawaii where he finished the 1974 season pitching mostly in the starting rotation.

In 1975, he was assigned to AA Alexandria pitching mostly as a starter.  Although his ERA was ok (3.96), his hits (170) to innings (134) weren’t very good and he was no longer a strikeout pitcher only ringing up 24 hitters for the entire season.  The Padres released him after the 1975 season and he signed with the Monterrey Sultanes of the Mexican League, where he pitched his last season in 1976.

We were able to find Rich and ask him a few questions about his career and what he is up to now.  Padres fans, welcome back former Padres pitcher Rich Troedson.


Padres360 – What was the proudest moment of your Major League Career?

Rich Troedson – Just making the team the year after getting out of college.  It was a shock!  Beating “The Big Red Machine” when I was allowed to start, also 4th of July win over the Dodgers in LA.  Willie McCovey was my first Major League strikeout (caught him looking.)

Padres360 – What path did you take after your Major League career?

Rich Troedson – Owned a sporting goods store for about 10 years, then spent the rest of my working career in the banking business.

Padres360 – What are you doing now?

Rich Troedson – Basically retired, playing golf helping out family members and babysitting the grand kids.  I currently have 3.

Padres360 – Who were your favorite Padres players when you were on the team?

Rich TroedsonRandy Jones, Johnny GrubbCito Gaston and Nate Colbert.

Padres360 – What advise would you give to young players in the minors or in college?

Rich Troedson – First, get as much education as possible.  You never know when your career might end due to injury.  Pursue your dreams.  Sometimes they come true.  Mine did.


It sounds like Rich is a guy who has had a happy life and we’re glad he is doing well.  We hope someday that the Padres will invite him back for a game at Petco Park.  It’s time for the organization start to honoring those who played with us and wore the Padres colors.  Just our opinion.

Go Padres!

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