Andy Green, New Skipper for the San Diego Padres


imageFrom Lexington, KY and a mere 38 years old … Andy Green will cut his teeth as an MLB Skipper with the San Diego Padres. Many are asking – Who? Why?

Green was drafted by the Diamondbacks in the 24th round of the 2000 amateur draft. He made his MLB debut June 12, 2004 and reached rookie limits during the 2005 season. Green spent 3 years with the Diamondbacks (2004-2006) and 1 year with the Mets (2009). Between the DBacks and Mets, he spent a year with the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan and a year in the Reds’ MiLB ranks. A pinch hitter, second, and third baseman, his four-year Major League batting average was .200.

Green was the manager of the Missoula Osprey when they won the 2012 Pioneer League Championship. He later successfully managed the Mobile BayBears and earned the Southern League’s Manger of the Year designation in 2013 and 2014. Green was promoted to Third Base Coach for the Diamondbacks for the 2015 season.


We have heard the organization’s leadership discuss that they truly want someone at the helm that can create a Winning Culture.  Accomplishing that takes a very complete plan – it is a lot more than words or signs on a wall. Culture starts at the top. It takes a clearly defined Purpose that is greater than the organization itself … should be the WHY of the organization’s existence – its HEART. Core Values must be aligned with the purpose and define HOW every member of the organization does his/her work – it is the SOUL of the organization. Next we must understand the over-reaching strategic priorities so that we can define our overall Core Culture. What is the Purpose of the San Diego Padres? What are the Core Values of the San Diego Padres? What are the Strategic Priorities?

“A winning culture isn’t accidental. It must be intentional.” Rebecca Herman, PhD

Have the Padres defined and discussed their Core Culture and sought ways to bring it to life? If so, fans would love to know what it is. If not, how can they continue with hiring practices and everyday operations without understanding the true character of the organization.

You may ask, why is this in a baseball story about the new skipper? Well, we know that the Padres wanted a manager that would create a WINNING CULTURE. Thus, Andy Green will be accountable for making this happen – at least on the field. But he will have a very low likelihood of success if the entire organization is not in sync with what this means to the Padres.

The fans have been more than patient. We also want not only a Winning Culture but also a winning season! If Andy Green is “the guy” then please empower him to make it happen. He is our new skipper. Please let him lead.


We at Padres360 are always hopeful that decisions made will lead to a positive ballpark experience and perhaps even a division-winning season. We would love the opportunity to interview Andy Green and truly understand his leadership philosophy and qualities that led to the Padres selecting him as “the guy.” We would also enjoy the opportunity to discuss what the Padres are doing to create a winning culture.

Our wish is that this is the beginning of positive cultural change and that we will feel a renewed energy at Petco Park in 2016.

Go Padres!





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