Padres Fan Focus – Four Ramona Friends

June 18, 2013 by Rebecca Herman

Friday night at the ballpark – what could be better? Well, for starters, it was Retro night AND a salute to our 1998 team – 15th anniversary of going to the World Series. For those who got to the ballpark early (like us) we had the opportunity to meet and get autographs from 19 of those players – they were wonderful! After a terrific opening ceremony (complete with a parade!) we were ready to watch the Padres play some baseball against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Early into the game a Padres fan asked the section’s usher what they knew about the “Taco Tuesday” promotion. Apparently, he didn’t know about it … but again, the rotation of ushers has greatly reduced their effectiveness this year (but that’s another story). Wayne explained the promotion and recommended Hodad’s as a great place to eat at the ballpark. He thanked us and returned to his seat with his three buddies.

Occasionally, I looked over at the guys and saw they were really having a great time at the game AND that they seemed to be true Padres Fans. I pulled out my recorder and decided that these guys needed to be the first fans we interviewed for Padres360 … and we waited for a break in the innings to move over to see if they were interested – and they were.

We quickly find out that they are four friends from Ramona – went to Ramona High SchoolNick Vincent’s High School … and they note that Nick is the first person from their HS to make it to MLB. Their names and Twitter handles are: Josh Haynes (@thejoshhayne23), Erik Ernst (@Eroc21), Garrett Arnold (@GarrettArnold32), and Cameron Cook (@CameronWCook).

They each had much to say and wanted to be sure they got to say it – LOL!

Erik noted that Lolita’s is best place to eat at the park … we had to agree that it was awesome for pre or post game but not “actually” in the ballpark … but certainly fantastic for post-game, especially with Coach Kentera and Randy Jones doing the post-game show for the Mighty 1090 there! A must do for all true fans!

They noted that they love coming to ballgames and do it frequently … they are even considering buying Season Tickets and becoming Members of the Padres. We shared the benefits of being Members and highly encouraged them to make the commitment … and to email Hayley Hallam (Account Specialist) because she is the BEST!

Josh was excited to tell us about how they played at Petco Park when they were seniors in High School. He said it was amazing to sit in the dugout and play on a professional field. I found an article [click here] published by the Padres in 2010 about the event.

We also wanted to know what they loved or what maybe don’t love so much …

Erik really likes guys he can relate to or has a connection with … like Nick Vincent because they went to the same High School. He also likes and Yasmani Grandal & Yonder Alonso because his dad is from Cincinnati and a huge Reds fan and he has heard about Yasi and Yonder from his dad since they joined the Red’s minor league system.

They were all excited about the “Taco Tuesdays” coming up and can’t wait to check it out. Everyone has questions about where they will be sold – how many vendors – etc. Padres – the fans want to know!

The guys thought the Pedro Ciriaco acquisition from Boston was a good one and expect to see him used very well … said he can do almost anything and that’s the kind of player Buddy likes. Speaking of the Skipper – they love Bud Black – think he does a great job with the players and they can tell that he has the players’ backs.

They noted getting bummed when our superstars get better offers and go elsewhere. In particular, Adrian Gonzalez was mentioned and the likelihood that we could lose Chase Headley. But Erik also saw the “upside” to that, indicating that he believed a team similar to the Yankees will offer a deal we can’t refuse and although we will lose Chase, we should get a lot in return. Only time will tell if that prediction is accurate.

The Lake Elisnore Storm got high marks and they go up to Lake Elsinore quite a bit. They think it’s a great ballpark and love the promos that they do up there – and awesome concerts. We agree and hope that more Padres fans will take advantage of the Padres road weekends to take a quick drive up the I-15 to catch our future players!

So Who are their Favorite Players of All Time?

  • Cameron – T Gwynn … Mr. Padre
  • Garrett – Tony Gwynn – there for his last game at Qualcomm (still has the ticket stub)
  • Erik – Pete Rose … Played the game the right way on the field (doesn’t care about off the field)
  • Josh – Ted Williams … all the way!

As Chris Denorfia came up to bat, we had to ask the question that seems to be burning the Twitter-waves … what is his nickname? Immediately, they broke into a chant of … “Deno! Deno! Deno! Deno!”  I asked if they considered Norf as a viable nickname. They lost it … said “that is horrible and sounds like Norv – he was FIRED! Keep it Deno!”  What do you think? Take the poll below …

We had a great time talking with Josh, Erik, Garrett, and Cameron … always fun to meet some true Padres Fans that enjoy taking in a ballgame at Petco Park.

Would you like to be featured in an article for our Fan Focus? Send us an email at and we will work to set it up. We will be at the ballpark this next home stand on Friday, Saturday, and Monday – hope to see you there!

For Padres360

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2 comments on “Padres Fan Focus – Four Ramona Friends
  1. Excellent article. Loved reading about fans at the game.

  2. Great article about some great Ramona guys! Double J… you da man!

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