Just Another Night At The Ballpark

June 1, 2013 by Rebecca Herman


It’s Friday night, May 31, 2013 … the first of a three game series with the Padres hosting the Blue Jays. It is inter-league play and we seem to have many Canadians (Blue Jay fans) who have decided San Diego would be a great place to take a vacation and see a few ballgames.

We were treated to national anthems for Canada and United States – both singers did a very nice job. I must say that we were a bit disturbed at the lack of respect shown by the Blue Jay fans sitting in section 108 (over the dugout) … they got rude and rowdy during each anthem … show some respect!


“Oh Canada”


“Star Spangled Banner”

Also, it is the Padres 10th Annual Salute to the Negro Leagues! This will have a story of its own but suffice it to say that having these gentlemen and icons at Petco Park was a thrill and an honor:

  • Neale “California Comet” Henderson
  • George Altman
  • Ron “Roomie” Teasley
  • Don “Ground Hog” Johnson
  • Ray “Boo Boo” Knox
  • Jim Robinson
  • Mack “The Knife” Pride
  • Charley Pride
  • Minnie Minoso
  • Bob Kendrick

Padres 10th Annual Salute to the Negro Leagues


Honored Guests … Negro League Baseball

It was great seeing Minnie Minoso (age 87) throw out the first pitch. It was a bit shy of the plate but great effort nonetheless. Clayton Richard caught for Minnie and they had an exchange afterwards. Nothing could have foretold at that moment that Clayton would also become a major factor in tonight’s game.


Minnie Minoso Throws out the First Pitch

The game began with Jason Marquis pitching. The Blue Jays scored 2 in the 2nd with a Home Run by Rasmus that also scored Arencibia. In the 4th, Encarnacion hit a Home Run to Deep LF. The Padres can’t seem to score and are down 3-0 in the bottom of the 5th. Carlos Quentin gets on base with a Hit by Pitch. Yonder Alonso Singles to CF and Quentin goes to 2B. Grandal strikes out swinging. Jedd Jyorko hits a Line Drive Double to deep RF >> Quentin Scores >> Alonso Scores and Gyorko Advances on throw and E2 throw >> Gyorko SCORES = Padres are TIED!

The 3-3 tie will continue … and continue … and continue.

We have a 14th Inning Stretch!


“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” … take two!

The seagulls are getting annoyed. They typically arrive about the 8th inning and wait patiently to do their part to clean the ballpark before the cleaning crew can even start. But, as the game stretches onward, they get more impatient. They are circling, perching, and several have taken to being so bold as to join the Outfielders and walk and walk and walk. Between the 16th and 17th innings, the in-game folks focus the cameras on one particular bold seagull and start playing … “Birds the Word” … that’s all the fans needed to all stand and start flapping like a bird!


The tie continues. We’ve already pitched Jason Marquis 5.1 innings; Tyson Ross 1 inning; Joe Thatcher .2 innings; Dale Thayer 1 inning; Luke Gregerson 2 innings; Tim Stauffer 2 innings; and Nick Vincent 3 innings. Top of the 16th, Buddy Black makes a bold move to go for the win and brings in Saturday’s planned Starting Pitcher, Clayton Richard. Richard is dealing! Goes 2 innings throwing 26 pitches, 17 strikes, strikes out 2, and only gives up 1 hit.

Now it is the bottom of the 17th. Grandal has a Lineout to LF; Gyorko Singles … the Richard drops a great bunt (groundout) that moves Gyorko to 2B. That sets the table for Jesus Guzman who then Singles to CF >> Gyorko SCORES! 


Jedd Gyorko Slides into HOME for the Winning Run!




Teammates rush out to congratulate Jesus Guzman!


Victory is SWEET – especially after 17 innings!

Jesus Guzman is ready for his post-game interview with Fox Sports SD’s Kelly Crull … but he notices that Evereth Cabrera is plotting an ice water bath. He literally uses Kelly as a human shield … SPLASH!!  I admire Kelly … she not only took the splash with grace but she also smiled and conducted the interview. What a pro!


Post-Game SPLASH!!! With Cabrera, Crull, and Guzman

That’s the ballgame folks …

  • 17 innings
  • WP: Richard
  • LP: Redmond
  • Game Time: 4:58
  • Attendance: 24,219

…  just another night at Petco Park!


May 31, 2013 Game Summary

Click HERE for the complete boxscore.

Story & Photography by Rebecca Herman, TheBaseballPHD

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